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Selling through Eastons

When you instruct Eastons to sell your property we believe you should expect us to manage a proper marketing campaign on your behalf rather than just throw your property on all the web sites and sit back to hope we receive a call to view.

It is true that the marketing of properties has changed over recent years and there is less emphasis on local paper advertising, hard copies of property details and office registered applicants. Web sites have taken over and almost exclusively every potential purchaser will start their search there.

Most agents feel that all they have to do is therefore just up-load your property and wait for the phone to ring. How wrong. It is now more important than ever to manage the smallest details of the property and its exposure on the various web sites.

In most cases there is nothing actually wrong with the property, it is just that the agent has moved on to chase up his next instruction and forgotten about his existing stock. More often than not the daily management has been passed on to a junior member of staff without the experience to provide a considered and planned marketing strategy for the property.

This is particularly important when you are "testing the market" with an optimistic asking price where it is essential to avoid a continued repetitive exposure.

When you instruct Eastons to market your property we will provide you with a bespoke marketing strategy which will include a managed release through the various web sites together with regular review and change of photos and text to ensure that it stays "fresh" to potential buyers.

We will also telephone/ e-mail all our applicants, prior to the property appearing on the internet, to create that sense of urgency and feeling that they are being offered a pre-release opportunity.

With most potential purchasers registering on all the main web sites releasing it a couple of days apart on each will ensure it is sent out over an extended period and not at the same time from all.

Too many agents only work hard to get your property on the market and will then just leave it to fester on the internet week after week where it finally gets stale as potential buyers see it time and time again. Who can blame them for coming to the conclusion that "there must be something wrong with that one as it has been on so long!"

By going through these individual stages of marketing we find that we can prolong the interest.

This considered approach also means that we attract more applicants registering with us, to secure that pre-release call, which in turn ensures that we get your property out to a greater selection of potential buyers already registered with us and possibly more importantly pre-vetted by our sales negotiators and financial consultant.