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Specialising in off market searches for local clients in and around Epsom, Ewell, Tadworth and Walton.

With a booming property market that continues to be fuelled by buyer demand it is hardly surprising that it is difficult to find that elusive next property to move to, and when you do you find yourself in competition with other buyers. It can seem daunting, particularly when you are keen to make that next move and can see no real option that matches your property search.

With the lack of stock and no obvious way to find that next property than compete with numerous other buyers scouring Rightmove and Zoopla it can seem a daunting process and one that leaves sellers concerned about putting their own on the market in case they are unable to find one for themselves.

This is where Eastons “Homefinder Service” comes in.

From our 25 years in business, we have built up an almost unrivalled knowledge of not only the local market but who is likely to be moving next. This, coupled with individual targeted Facebook searches, Socio-economic and Demographic data and the power of social media enables us to find the homes locally that have the greatest propensity to be moving.


From this data we will design a targeted marketing campaign to find your next home.


Whilst we are happy to provide all the research and social targeting, we will need to make a charge to cover any direct marketing you wish us to undertake but are more than happy to deduct this from our fees if you allow us to sell your own property.


Although we cannot guarantee finding your next home, we can certainly substantially boost your chances and find a much more relaxed approach to moving.


This is the “Eastons Difference”



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Looking to move but can’t find a property to buy?


Look no further than Eastons “Homefinder” Service, free to our local community looking to move in the area.


All we ask is for you to allow us to provide you with a valuation, and when you are ready to move consider us to market and sell your property for you.


Call us today and find out how we can help you find your next dream property.




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