What time is a landlord most likely to search for your services?

Rentround has taken and analysed data from 35,000 users of its website and to provide insights into characteristics and behaviours

There were some very interesting findings from the data analysed, with Mondays, Fridays and Sundays being the most likely days of the week when landlords are conducting their search with 3pm being the peak time.

Rentround said; “The time that landlords run searches is important.

“Similar to the days searches are run, the data pinpoints when you should be available to talk to leads.

“It is not always that simple as there are appointments & valuations to manage.

“You will need to compare how expensive it is to run out of hours compared to income received from leads being converted during those times.”

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Landlords tend to be searching for high street lettings agents (45%) whereas 35% of landlords were seeking online agents. This is weighted heavily towards mobile devices (58%) compared to 33% on desktop.

This data shows that firms should ensure their website is optimised for mobile to enable the most enjoyable viewing experience – which will ultimately convert to higher completion rates!

Rentround also said; “The device your target market is using to access your letting agency or property manager website is key.

“It goes without saying most online activity is now done on mobile phones.

“This adds additional importance to ensure letting agents & property managers are ensuring their sites are optimised for mobile.

“This would include the avoidance of large images, long pieces of text and difficult navigation menus.

“Users on mobile devices are also less patient. Therefore site loading times should be minimised.”

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