Did you know one of our busiest times of year is between Christmas and New Year’s?

The property market, as with all markets, has its peaks and troughs throughout the year and when wanting to make the most of any market it is best to make a move when the market is peaking. Did you know that one of the strongest peaks in the property market is during the week between Christmas and New Year’s? Once the excitement of the big day is over and the calm sets in before the usual New Year’s celebrations (granted, the celebrations may be a little different this year..) people start to plan for their move in the new year.

This planning includes utilising the abundance of online marketing tools available and there is no better place to go than our very own website for a vast array of marketing tools. Drew Bowler, Head of Sales, says “Eastons offer some of the most exciting online marketing tools that are sure to make your property search easy and convenient to do from the comfort of your own home”. With tools including, 360 tours, video tours, sneaky peaks, virtual viewings and dedicated microsites we offer everything to market your property to our highest standard.

360 Tours: Our 360 tours allow for viewing or promoting your property in a fully immersive and interactive platform. This is a fantastic marketing tool as it provides the user with the best virtual way to view a property, click here for an example; http://www.eastons.co.uk/360.

Video Tours: Our video tours, conducted by one of our very own sales team, allows a complete video walkthrough of the property. These tours offer a perfect example of the flow of the property and give the user a great initial feel of the property. See below for an example;

Sneaky Peeks: Our ‘Sneaky Peeks” are created by using our still photography and creating a short video. We will then send these out to our exclusive mailing list to stir up immediate interest in your property. See below for an example of how they work and look.

Virtual Viewings: We offer viewings virtually and in person. With the world as it is currently our virtual viewings are a fantastic way for you to view your dream property from the comfort of your own home.

Dedicated Microsite: One of the latest strings to our bow is our dedicated microsite. We will create a bespoke website just for your property. Here we will include all the property details, marketing tools and contact details and provide you with the URL to share to your friends and family as well as on any social channels.

Marketing Brochure: Once instructed Drew will sit down and run through our Marketing plan with you. Our Marketing plan discusses all of our marketing tools and we will build a bespoke plan to your needs that encompasses these. To view our brochure please click here; https://www.eastons.co.uk/our-marketing-tools

With all of these marketing tools and with one of the busiest times of the year coming up, as well as the stamp duty holiday, now is the perfect time to instruct us to sell your house! Get in touch today on 01737 353 005 or visit http://www.eastons.co.uk to book a free, no obligation online valuation!<